Touring San Francisco Labs

20. May 2010 by Leave a comment

Today we met up with our friends from the Madagascar Institute went to see the American Steel building and the Neverwas Haul.

In this 250,000 square foot, the American Steel building houses equally giant sculptures. Many artists and visionaries have space throughout this building that seems to never end. There were pockets of excitement throughout the space as people prepared for Maker Faire this weekend. There was a 17 foot tall swing that, surprisingly, reached near to the endless ceilings. There were also many previous art projects stored, waiting for a permanent home.

After that we toured to The Shipyard. Shipping containers surrounding the main building housed tools, art pieces, materials and many other goodies. The city didn’t believe that these were up to spec so, through further disagreements, they turned off The Shipyard’s power. This didn’t discourage them in the least. Instead it set them off on a quest to build and foster alternative power, including solar and bio-diesel. For six years, they continued to live happily off the grid until the city realized they wouldn’t be giving up anytime soon.