Maker Faire makes our minds go boom

23. May 2010 by Leave a comment

Enter Mondo Spider to Maker Faire. We’re in a giant room with equally impressive surroundings. Center stage holds two huge Tesla coils which ArcAttack use in their music performances. Everything is coming alive with beeps and boops happening all around us.

The gates open and the party truly begins. Families, geeks, steam punks, robots, and every sort of person or thing in between walk through the space; none of which are at all mutually exclusive to any category. In fact, a particular 7 year old kid, who made an electric bike with his dad, was incredibly interested and excited about the spider. He wasn’t the only one. All day people looked in awe as we paraded around our space and in the sunshine outside.

We were pleased to reconnect with Jim Mason and Saul Griffith, who we met yesterday at their space, and have them see and ride the Spider. Jim showed us the gasifier which was powering a series of delicious machines, including a toaster, a popcorn popper, bacon frying on an electric stove, and more. All this from a system produceing 4-6kW from recycled woodchips!

Justine Lemire-Elmore and our friends from from, had a small fleet of electric unicycles, bikes and other wheeled machines, amongst a gaggle wonderful bike enthusiasts. Unicyclists, a moving hamster ball like device, and a wicked biker gang that cruised around the whole fair thumpin’ tunes all day were only a taste of the bike culture that permeated the Faire. Cyclocide were putting on theatrical and interactive shows with their bike and bike power carnival rides.

few steampunks transported us back to a better past-future time. The League of Steam circled with their latest artillery and contraptions to protect the Faire… and that’s only bits of day one.