Wrapping up San Francisco

23. May 2010 by Leave a comment

Since arriving back in Vancouver, the trip has seemed like some sort of far off dream. The people we met, the projects we saw and the talks we had are a set extraordinary experiences. Now, after 17 hours of straight driving to arrive back home, I’ll try to recount the last bits of this epic adventure.

Saturday night held a wonderfully gratifying party at American Steel called Breaker Faire. We set down and walked in the spider to a crowd dressed for Halloween. People with obscenely furry coats, Victorians, rocker, grease monkeys and more parted ways to admire the giant walking machine. Soon after our arrival, a bid for the destruction gingerbread house city (and two Burning Man tickets) began. The lucky lady tromped like Godzilla over the city. Halfway through it was set on fire to much fan fare.

That was only the beginning. A beat up car came rolling out for its last days. We all took a turn smashing it with our feet, hands, hammers, axes and basically any tool that could be swung. Fire spinners and dancers kept the crowd entertained while we went to another part of the shop to check out Doyle’s latest art car.

On the second day of Maker Faire the media was out in full force. Attack of the Show, from G4, absolutely loved the spider and interviewed Jon for a spot on Thursday’s show (4pm PST / 7PM EST). A few other news organizations came to talk to us; we’ll keep you updated when we hear the others will air or be posted.

Part way through the day, Charlie noticed a crack in one of the legs. Our team quickly assembled and, soon enough, Ryan was doing some on site welding. We patched up another little crack on another leg and we were back to strutting around the Faire.

We met many distinguished guests and had a five of the editors of Make Magazine (both on and off line versions) come and give us Editor’s Choice blue ribbons for being one of the best in show. We were even lucky enough to have a visit from Mark Frauenfelder, editor-in-chief of Make and founder of bOING bOING. He was jazzed by Prothesis and, of course, enjoyed riding on the spider.

To rap up the evening, Ok Go did a special show with the H2O Boy crew. Dan Busby from Syyn Labs came back with the band to hang out and partake in a ride on the spider. What a blast. Unfortunately, it couldn’t last forever. We put the spider back on the trailer and took the long trek back to Vancouver. It feels good to be home, albeit too soon.