eatART: Power the VAG Prizes

27. August 2010 by Leave a comment

Top Individual Fundraisers:
1 Grace Carter
2 Stephanie Williams
3 Katie Schindler
4 Hilary Henegar

Top Team Fundraisers:

1 Ben Zuest Cooper
2 Leigh Christie
3 Grace Carter
4 Harrison Pratt
6 Eva Shaffer
7 Moni Habib

Best Costumes
-The Breakfast Club-
(looking very dapper, above )
1 Jennifer Campbell
2 Jeremy Jaud
3 Yasmin Nurming-Por
4 Danielle Degagne
5 Dorothy June Fraser

Prizes include: Solar powered iPhone charger, Hypermac USB charger, tickets to LIVE at Squamish, Mondo Spider driving lessons, and a range of solar powered toy kits!