Meet some of the eatART team!

01. November 2010 by Leave a comment

A charming video made by Peter Holmes while on tour with eatART crew members in Washington, DC for the USA Science & Engineering Festival. Check out the video after the break.

In order of appearance:
Leigh Christie – eatART executive director
Peter Holmes – longtime supporter, volunteer and media support
Ryan Johnston – Mondo Spider creator, eatART officer
Charlie Brinson – Mondo Spider creator, eatART Chief of Projects
Jonathan Tippett – Mondo Spider creator. eatART Lab Chief
Moni Habib – eatART supporter and volunteer
Kate Semrau – eatART publicity
Lauren Maynard – longtime eatART crew
Chris – longtime eatART support
Polly Tan – Vancouver Design Nerds, Gramorail creator team, eatART crew