Of Pedigrees & Wolves

14. November 2011 by Leave a comment

Born with a VDN pedigree, midwifed by eatART, and raised by a pack of Gramorailian wolves, the creation of the Gramorail marked the official beginning of eatART’s relationship with the Vancouver Design Nerds.  The first planning session for the Gramorail took place at the eatART lab in July 2009. Henceforth, eatART offered tools and guidance to the Design Nerds, as well as space in which to build the contraption. Over time, the Gramorail took on an identity of its own. It was the cornerstone of several memorable events, and appeared at a few festivals between October 2009 and the summer of 2011.

In the meantime, the Vancouver Design Nerds have morphed into more of a think tank – fostering ideas and collaboration for a range of intellectual and interventionist pursuits, all focused on the engagement, animation and betterment of our urban surroundings. They have successfully launched Design Nerd chapters in Toronto and Portland, and continue to foster collaboration through their monthly Nerd Jams. The Nerds have also been key participants in local DIY events like Maker Faire Vancouver and Livable Laneways, both of which debuted in 2011, as well as Illuminate Yaletown.