Spectacular Spectacles

14. November 2011 by Leave a comment

Public Dreams has a reputation for creating magical events like Illuminaries and the Parade of Lost Souls, both of which eatART was a part of in 2011. Illuminaries took over the promenade of Canada Place in July, transforming into a wonderland of lights and lanterns along the waterway. eatART brought out the Gramorail, solar array and gBikes for the occasion, all of which added to the truly human-powered nature of the event. The Gramorail was a hit with kids of all ages, as it was pedalled back and forth along it’s 100-feet of mobile track all afternoon into the evening. While the solar array and G-Bikes supplied power for the stage.

eatART also participated in the Parade of Lost Souls, the Halloween parade that transforms 5 East Vancouver laneways into a spectacular journey! We were lucky enough to have the first lane along the route, for which we brought out the Mondo Spider, Titanoboa, part of the Gramorail, a custom gBike a.k.a. Strobobike, and a couple of other interactive surprises! The crowds were in awe of the Spider and Titanoboa, and eager to join the Surrealist Dinner Party, paint the mannequins, and ride the Strobobike. Approaching from the street, it was hard to resist being drawn into the ethereal glow emanating from beyond the lair of the Mondo Spider.