Black Ghost Rolls With Bike Rave

18. June 2012 by Leave a comment

After six months of designing, fabricating, and tinkering we finally have the Black Ghost Bike Car up and rolling! On Friday night we decided to get the Black Ghost out of the shop and onto the streets at the 2nd Annual Vancouver Bike Rave. At 14 kilometers, it was a fairly brave endeavor considering this was really only the second time we have ridden the bike car. We are still in the process of getting the electrical/battery systems working, so we did the journey under full pedal power! The trip took us from the eatART lab on Great Northern Way to Crab Park, where the over 1,500 bike ravers met up. We synchronized the music mix that participants pre-downloaded prior to the event and began the journey. From Crab Park we circumnavigated the entirety of downtown Vancouver and made it back to the eatART lab with only a couple of minor technical difficulties. We brought along a strobe light, black lights, and a giant speaker to make sure that there was sufficient bass for all to enjoy. Few were disappointed.

Next stop for the Black Ghost Electric Bike Car will be at the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire,  SEE YOU THERE!

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