The Mondo Spider and Titanoboa take CES by storm

15. January 2013 by 1 comment

Early this January, core crews from the creative teams behind The Mondo Spider and Titanoboa set out over the treacherous, snowy southern California mountains to deploy at the worlds largest consumer electronics show, CES, in Las Vegas.  The two machines were brought down to spread our message of rethinking energy through art in place where tech is king.

The machines were stationed at by the Lenovo booth, and even amidst the latest, biggest transparent televisions and blaring tech gadgetry, Spider and the Snake still captured peoples imaginations. The crowds and media were stunned and thrilled to see what could be done with the creative application of engineering and what you could run off modern battery technology.  Over the 3 day deployment we had coverage from Popular Mechanics, BBC World, c|net and made the IGN top 10.

The folks at IGN were so excited by the machines that they did a separate interview with Mondo Spider co-creator Jonathan Tippett about his next project, Prosthesis: The Anti-Robot, which he is building in the eatART Laboratory.

And as if the media adulation and crowd wowing were not enough, the week was topped of with a moment that could only take place in Vegas: The King himself, Elvis, came back from the grave just to ride the Spider!

As  final bonus Ryan Johnston and Jonathan Tippett got a ride in the worlds first electric DeLorean, and guess what? It ran on the same batteries as The Mondo Spider! Now that’s the future!