A gBike is a pedal-powered creation capable of generating electricity. These range anywhere from bicycles retrofitted with hub motors to metal sculptures designed to house one. The goal of gBikes, as with all other eatART projects, is to promote energy awareness and educate the public on the environmental impact of its use.

Find us at gBikes.org


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  31. I have in the past planned to have Pedal Power operated Amp system to operate a microphone and 2 light bulbs for a live drumming show in the evening hours. Due to prohibitive costs I have never been able to organize such an event. May I know what will be your cost if you agree to participate in Maple Ridge,BC?

    • Hey Hari, sounds interesting. We may have just what you’re looking for. Send me an email to sam@eatart.org and we can start discussing the gig in more detail.

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