Mondo Spider Radar app for Android

15. May 2010 by Leave a comment

On May 15, 2010, the Mondo Spider Radar app for Android was released to the world by the eatART Foundation. The main function of this app is to track the eight-legged, walking kinetic sculpture known as The Mondo Spider in her travels throughout the USA and Canada. From Gadgetoff in New York City to the Burning Man Festival in Black Rock City, you never know where the Spider and her team will show up next; now you can home in on her exact location with ease.

The Mondo Spider Radar app team was assembled when the Vancouver art laboratory, eatART, posted a call out for programmers through Twitter. The response was overwhelming, and resulted in a truly global collaboration of individuals:

Ben Cooper (Canada) – Project Manager
Matthias Wieland (Germany) – Lead Programmer
Aoi Nakanisi (Japan) – Lead Client Programmer
Prithiraj Sengupta (India) – Technical Manager
Omri Baumer (Israel) – Programmer
Sumit Asok (India) – Programmer
Wibke Kreft (Canada) – Graphic Designer

The team communicated through a combination of email, chat, and Skype to finalize and release the app in time for the Mondo Spider’s attendance at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco on May 19/20.

Aside from helping to find the Spider’s whereabouts, the app feeds current Tweets from The Mondo Spider’s Twitter page, and provides information about the eatART Foundation and the app’s developers. Plus, it looks cool.

The Mondo Spider, a fully realized steel spider weighing over 1,600 pounds and driven by a single operator, has been shocking and inspiring audiences since it was first unveiled at Burning Man in 2006. “I’ve seen people literally drop to their knees and start praying” says co-creator Ryan Johnston. The kinetic art piece was recently converted to electric power, making it the world’s first zero emissions walking vehicle.

To download the Mondo Spider Radar app, go to App Brain.