Greetings San Francisco!

19. May 2010 by Leave a comment

We’re in the right place. While driving through the city, many questioned and commented on the giant tarpped structure that we’re towing.

“That looks cool, what is it?”

“Are you guys Burners?”

Eva even exchanged cards (from truck to truck) with a man who helped build the Neverwas; an amazing steam punk house on wheels.

After settling into our new temporary home, we went to check a tech start-up party at Twilio, where programmers, developers, and investors from around the world check out what the next big things are. Finally, after 2 months of chatting online and developing the Mondo Spider Radar app, Matthias, Aoi, and myself (Ben) met up and were able to talk in person.

Dennis, a friend of Jon’s from the Ireland carnival ride building, showed us around the town to a few colourful bars and many laughs were had.