Welcoming Vancouver Community Lab

20. April 2011 by Leave a comment

As creators and artists, we’re always thrilled to hear about other groups popping up that celebrate the act of making, especially when they’re our next-door neighbours! eatART is excited to welcome the Vancouver Community Labs (VCL or CoLab as its come to be know) to the Great Northern Way campus in Vancouver.

The CoLab started just over a year ago with a plucky groups of folks who, seeing the success of other membership-based make-spaces in North America (VHS, TechShop, ADX), decided that Vancouver needed its own co-op workshop. Initially focused on woodworking and metal fab but open to anyone, they quickly organized and after a few months of searching were able to secure a space at the western end of building #3 here on GNW Campus.

They run a full schedule of training, social and colaborative events for many flavors of making. Current members have a wide range of interests from bike frame making/modding, A/V hacking, fine woodworking, fabrics and weaving, painting and everything in between.

The VCL meets on the first and third Thursdays of each month at 7pm.
There are 2 membership tiers starting at $30/month.

Check them out at www.vancommunitylab.com.