eatART's Power the VAG 2011

3rd Annual eatART: Power the VAG

06. July 2011 by Leave a comment

eatART cordially invites you to the 3rd annual eatART: Power the VAG fundraising event on Saturday July 16th from 10am to 6pm.

The Annual Energy Awareness Art Party takes place in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery and includes a pedal powered sound system, giant zero emissions kinetic sculptures, and an unforgettable outdoor dance party.

The power for the eight-hour event will be generated by 8 teams of “watt-riders.” Four gBikes (Generator Bikes) will spin mini generators that is connected to the sound system. The riders will collect “energy pledges” that coincide with the amount of “watts” they’ve raised, with all proceeds going to the eatART Foundation. Teams are awards prizes for most money and watts raised as well as best costumes.

In tandem with this pedal-powered energy source, an array of solar panels will be powering the tents and info booth.

Power the VAG will showcase our giant zero emissions kinetic sculptures; Daisy the solar-powered tricycle, Gramorail, the Mondo Spider, Prosthesis, and Titanoboa.

Featuring DJs Mike Waiser, Brad Winter, Cole Crocker, Leigh Christie and Matthew Johnson. Also featuring a live performance by Resorts!