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From gBikes to gSnails

26. February 2013 by Leave a comment

What has a seat, two pedals, and brews a mean espresso? No, not our lead engineer Curtis Perrin on a bike; it’s our latest project, the gSnails.

gBikes has partnered with local business owner Boyd Thomson to design and build a creative and sustainable way to power his business, in what will be gBikes’ first permanent installation. Working with a small grant provided by the LiveSmart BC: Small Business Champion Program, the idea was to design a functional and stylish piece that allows visitors to the Wilder Snail Cafe to generate their own electricity while enjoying a nice hot beverage.

Bikes that generate electricity? Yeah, that sounds like gBikes.

Dubbed the gSnails, this row of electricity-generating stools will allow cafe visitors to pedal away while enjoying a coffee, reading a book, or working on their novel. Standard electrical outlets built in to the stools will allow riders to independently power their own laptops, cell phone chargers, or any other electrical device. An integrated computer system will provide real time data into how their pedalling efforts are affecting their own energy production and consumption.

Wilder Snail Bike Stools

The initial design has been completed, parts have been water-cut, and initial fabrication is under way. With a deadline fast approaching, it’s going to be crunch time to deliver these snails at a hare’s pace.

gBikes Sam Grinding Pedal Power Stools Water Cuts gBikes Grant Welding
Follow all of the exciting build progress on Black Ghost Facebook Page, and if you’re in the Strathcona area of Vancouver, stop by the Wilder Snail Cafe and say hello. Oh, and don’t forget to start training those calves to power your next espresso!