On the left is a close up of "eatART magazine". On the right, a man sits in the desert looking at a bowl.

eatART Magazine (2012-2013) showcases the unique applications of renewable energy in art form in order to inspire imaginations about the potential of renewable energy. Features from artists such as Theo Jansen (Wind-powered independent walking sculptures) Markus Kayser (Solar-powered 3d printer that turns sand into
objects), Caleb Charland (Chemical powered LED photography) and eatART’s Titanaboa Project led by Charlie Brinson.

1 Issue: 2000 copies printed + digital version

Lead: Peter Holmes
Tim Lukian – Art Director
Michael JP Hall
Carolyn Hall
Darcy Smith
Leigh Christie
Ben Z Cooper

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“In one who is astonished, interest is born. Interest in its primordial form.” – Bertold Brecht

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