eatART (Energy Awareness Through ART) fosters art research with a focus on large-scale, technically sophisticated art by supporting both independent and internal art projects. We use art to educate people about the role energy plays in our lives and to raise questions about the social and environmental impact of energy use.


Prosthesis is an independent art project by Mondo Spider co-creator Jonathan Tippett. It is a 5m tall 3000kg, 4-legged, wearable walking machine. Entirely human controlled, it reminds us of the responsibility that comes with the power of our technology.


Titanoboa is an independent project supported by eatART to create a 50 foot, 1 ton, electromechanical serpent machine and to provoke discussions of our changing climate in a historical context.

Mondo Spider

The Mondo Spider is a 1600 lb, 8 legged walking machine originally built by a Vancouver-based team of artists and engineers in 2006.

Black Ghost Electric Bike Car

The Black Ghost Electric Bike Car is a mobile, highly interactive art piece which tightens the loop of electricity production and consumption.


Made in California by master inventor and fabricator Professor Bob Schneeveis. Daisy resides in Vancouver at the eatART lab.


A gBike is a pedal-powered creation capable of generating electricity.

Day4 Solar Array

The Day 4 solar P.V. panels produce a steady 2.3 kW of clean, quiet 120VAC power.


The work is a solar powered cinema at the nexus of street installation, video, and public art.

eatART Magazine

The inaugural issue of eatART magazine exists to bring you the latest and greatest of the growing energy aware art movement.


Gramorail is more than just an “art-car.”


The Extrasomatic Evolution and Energy Return on Invested (3EROI) is evolution in technology and culture - evolution outside of our bodies.