Design Jams

Want to make large, inspiring art projects? Sign up for our Design Jams!

Design Jams are a series of workshops to help you brainstorm, find a team, pitch ideas, and make your project a reality! The workshops will be hosted at the eatART lab and are a great way to get involved with the organization. Any experience level is welcome and it doesn’t cost anything.



Q. What should I expect in the intro workshop?
A. Group brainstorming and discussions on how eatART can facilitate things like studio space, tools, funding, and general build knowledge.

Q. Do I need to bring anything to the Design Jam?
A. Bring yourself and any questions you may have about eatART

Q. Do I need any particular skills or knowledge to sign up?
A. Nope! It helps if you have some experience as an artist, engineer or fabricator but we will teach anyone who is willing to learn.

Q. Where is the workshop?
A. 196 West 6th Ave, Vancouver. BC.

Other questions?
Feel free to email: