Current Team

Curtis Perrin: Co-Executive Director & Black Ghost Overlord

Curtis Perrin is a mechanical engineer by day. Originally hailing from Ontario Curtis moved out to Vancouver in 2006 to attend UBC. Major considerations included love of mountains, forests and the ocean. He started getting involved with eatART in 2010 and ended up working on the suspension for Prosthesis as his final year project. Curtis stayed on helping with Prosthesis and with running events until taking on the role of lead designer and project manager of the new gBike, The Black Ghost Electric Bike Car

 Sam Carter: Co-Executive Director

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Jonathan Tippett: Director & Principle Artist

Jonathan Tippett is an artist and mechanical engineer with lifelong curiosity for the relationship between humans and machines. He earned his mechanical engineering degree from UBC in 1999 and has since worked in fuel cells, hydraulics and neurovascular implants. He still practices ceramic sculpture at his studio in False Creek, but his love of machines brought him to explore the intersection of form, function and human skill in the context of engineered and interactive sculpture. Co-creator of The Mondo Spider and co-founder of eatART, he has run the eatART Lab since its beginning and is now stepping down as Lab Chief to focus on developing his next experience based machine in the eatART Lab, Prosthesis: The Anti-Robot , slated for completion in 2014.


Charlie Brinson: Director & Principle Artist

Charlie is an artist and engineer with a bachelor’s in Engineering Physics and masters in Mechanical Engineering from the UBC. He has worked as an engineer in modeling, reliability analysis, and hydro power generation projects. In 2006 Charlie co-created the Mondo Spider mechanical walking machine and since then Charlie has been helping to build the eatART organization and lab infrastructure. In 2009, he completed his second major project: the 30m x 6m 3E-ROI sculpture depicting humanity’s evolution in energy usage, and addiction to exponential growth. From 2011-15, Charlie and a crew of mad geniuses created Titanoboa, a 50ft long, articulated electro-mechanical reincarnation of the primordial snake rendered extinct by past climate change.

Melody Copeman: Principle Artist

Melody Copeman graduated with a BFA from Emily Carr University of Art + Design with a focus on Interactive + Social Media arts and now work as a UI artist in AAA game development. Melody has been involved with gBikes since 2012 and has helped build The Black Ghost Electric Bike Car, gSnails, and threw the kickstarter for Rainbow Raceway.

To see some of their work, visit

Christian Lev: Lab Chief

Christian Lev holds a BSc in Physics/Chemistry from the University of Waterloo and has a lifelong passion for understanding the inner workings of machines, systems and curious objects. Working within the ecommerce systems sector of the IT industry he has developed a unique perspective on the relationship between human actions in aggregate and the systems they interact with. With experience in both the physical and virtual realms he is addicted to the process of Making and gets a profound thrill from bringing the inanimate to life. He is also proud to be a team member of the Prosthesis project.

Spencer Treffry: gBike’s Fearless Leader

Spencer Treffry has a diploma in video game development from Vancouver Film School, focusing on interactive narrative. Currently he works in Richmond renovating industrial work spaces while actively pursuing a career in the gaming industry. He joined eatART in 2011 after witnessing the many wonders created through volunteering and has since become the officer in charge of the gBike crew.

Robin Falletta: Principle Artist & Photographer

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To see some of her work, visit Robin Falletta photography on facebook.

Enrique Ventura: Principle Artist

Enrique has a bachelor in Computer Science from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and over 15 years of experience designing AAA videogames. He joined the gBikes crew in 2016 as part of the Rainbow Raceway project, where he has been able to contribute with coding the software that runs in the vehicles.

Jazz Alyxzander: Principle Artist

Jazz Alyxzander is a Software Engineer with a passion for unconventional networks, interactivity, and making a difference. In a cross-country move from Halifax to Vancouver in 2017, he set out for adventure, and found his way to eatArt with big hopes and aspirations. Applying his background in designing real-time critical software systems, Jazz helps the RainbowRaceway keep their LEDs blinking and the karts going zoom. Looking for more? visit

Cole Crocker: Key Contributor

Cole Crocker is a mechanical engineer with strong interests in machine design, hydraulics and acoustics & noise control. He holds a BASc in Mechanical Engineering from UBC and has worked in fuel cells, heat exchangers, molybdenum mining, industrial buildings and marine components & hydraulics. Cole is a key contributor to Prosthesis: The Anti-Robot, working on the hydraulic systems, power pack, human-machine interface, telemetric user feedback and sound design. He also contributes to many project deployments and ongoing lab maintenance. Cole is also an accomplished DJ; you will likely see him spinning at the next eatART party!

Rob Cunningham: Co-Founder & Director

Rob was born in London, England and graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in 1992. He is the founding member of the award-winning games studio Relic Entertainment Inc , where he worked as the Director of Concept and Visualization, becoming deeply involved in the creative process, production, and story development. Upon resignation from Relic in 2007, Rob co-founded eatART in order to pursue a fascination with the union of engineering and art. He is the primary caretaker of Daisy along with wife Pip Cunningham. He is the current founder and CEO of Blackbird Interactive Inc. He is passionate about creating immersive experiences and advancing the art of storytelling in games.

Leigh Christie: Co-Founder & Director

Motivated by grand global challenges such as anthropogenic climate change and energy poverty, Leigh has always dreamed of solving hard problems. Armed with a degree in Engineering Physics from UBC, Leigh co-founded the Vancouver-based engineering consulting firm MistyWest where he continues to develop new technologies. He currently holds three patents in the area of fuel cell design and mechanical pick-up devices. Leigh is also co-creator of the Mondo Spider. Upon completion of this project, Leigh and his partners founded the eatART Laboratory in 2007. Leigh is currently focused on researching virtual reality, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies.

Dylan Groven: Current Key Contributor & Past CFO

Dylan Groven holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, with a focus on high-frequency integrated circuits. Dylan currently works for a private German engineering company. Dylan came to eatART through his interest in the use of engineering to create sustainable communities. Dylan’s primary role has been to grow and promote eatART’s Mobile Solar Array project, and has been involved as a fabricator and event coordinator. Dylan’s passion lies within the role of the engineer as a problem solver, merging pure science with art, and exploring the limits of technology as a savior.

Past Team

Ben Z Cooper: Media Officer

As freelance cinematographer and producer, Ben Z Cooper is intrigued by the world and the people on it. His film career has taken him across the continent working on everything from independent films to major media outlets. For the past several years, he has been coordinating media creation and distribution for eatART; promoting the organization locally and globally. Ben’s interests include bicycling, philosophy, sustainability and how humanity works in this world. Lately, he has been focused on creating meida for local non-profits and small business. To see some of his work, visit

Pip Cunningham: Co-Executive Director

Pip Cunningham grew up in sunny Queensland, Australia. After studying architecture in Brisbane, she worked with Z-axis Creative in architectural design and draft, with a specialty in 3D computer rendering. Upon moving to Vancouver, Pip now works in real estate and property investment. Pip has been with eatART from the very beginning as the Chief Financial Officer, offering support in strategic planning, projects approval, and event coordinating. Pip loves to see alternative energy sources being researched and used in the creation and promotion of crazy, large-scale art projects. She is inspired by the potential of where this may take us – that the alternative may become the everyday and the conventional.

Emily Hamilton: Co-Executive Director

Emily Hamilton holds both a Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree in Art History from the Courtauld Institute of London, UK. She has worked in both commercial and non-commercial art spaces in Europe and North America, primarily collaborating with artists to organize and curate exhibits. Her role with eatART has been to develop and formalize the Artist in Residence Program, which she has been working towards since late 2010. She works with artists to nurture their careers and enable their ambitious projects, and loves art that is fun, interactive, and accessible to the public.

Chelsea Ousey: Event Coordinator

Chelsea holds a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology and Women’s and Gender Studies from UBC and has always been excited about social justice, sustainability and art. With a background in event planning and coordinating, she’s always been interested in bringing creative minds together and fostering collaboration. She got involved with eatART by helping out with upgrades for Daisy, and is super stoked to keep planning awesome events for you all. Chelsea hopes to pursue a Masters in Social Justice and Education in the next few years. If you’re interested in helping out with events, please email her at

Duane Elverum: Past Director

Duane Elverum is Assistant Professor in design at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. As a designer, sustainability educator and co-founder of CityStudio Vancouver, his teaching and research aims to connect university students directly to urban sustainability and public issues through studio-based, collaborative and dialogic learning models. He is currently a visiting professor and associate with SFU’s Center for Dialogue and has just completed a 2-year term as a board director and secretary for MODO, the Car Co-op. Recently he juried Prefab 2020, an international architectural competition, as well as B.C. Hydro’s Invent the Futurecompetition. He has crossed the Pacific Ocean in a sailboat 6 times, most recently on passage from Hawaii to Vancouver with OceanGybe’s Plastics Research Expedition. He holds a bachelor’s degree with honors in architecture from the University of British Columbia.

Polly Tan: Past Volunteer Coordinator

Polly Tan holds a Bachelor of Science in Behavioural Ecology, and has previously worked as a dental assistant and a sculptural assistant. She is now a woodworker for Momentum Millwork. Polly volunteers with False Creek Residence for Independent Living Society, promoting community living for adults with disabilities. Polly also has worked with Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society as a wildlife educator for children. As a “Gramorailian”, she is part of the Gramorail Project. She currently works for eatART as a fabricator and event coordinator. She most enjoys working with her hands and building things, and loves the smell of burnt metal. Her interests lie in bringing together creativity and community and promoting awareness and appreciation for one’s surroundings.

Natalie Ethier: Past Event Coordinator

An urban geographer and advocate for pedestrian-scale development, Natalie Ethier is curious about the connections between urban form, perception, and experience of place, and how these influence movement through cities. She has a Masters in Environmental Studies from York University, where she specialized in public space and active transportation. Natalie has a keen interest in psychogeography and memory maps. She is the founder of Pedestrian City, as well as one of the creators of Gramorail – built in partnership with eatART and the Vancouver Design Nerds. Natalie also works for Salt Spring Coffee, a local company that is leading the way in greening the coffee industry.

Eva Shaffer: Past Key Contributor

Eva Shaffer holds a degree from the University of British Columbia in Natural Resource Conservation with a focus on Global Conservation and Economics. Her interests lie within sustainable development and re-development of existing urban spaces. She has been working with eatART for the past three years in communications and fabrication, playing a large role in the Mondo Spider Zero-Emissions project and heading up a number of events. Eva especially loves working with children on education initiatives. In her spare time she can be found reading too much, writing short stores, and dreaming up costumes and events to wear them at.