Close shot of a large robotic snake coiled in an alleyway
Titanoboa; a 50ft long snake made of metal with a group of people dressed in lab coats surrounding it.

Titanoboa, the 50ft electro-mechanical snake, was incubated at eatART by a large team of creators and builders (including Jonathan Faille, Hugh Patterson,
Michelle La Haye, Markus Hager, James Simard and Julian Fong), and proudly mothered by Charlie Brinson and Markus Hager.

Due to climate change, a creature called the Titanoboa went extinct more than 60 million years ago. In 2011, it was brought back to life in the form of an electro-mechanical kinetic sculpture. It grew to real-life full-size in 2015: 50 feet of aluminum, lithium battery, micro-controllers, LEDs, and mind-boggling modes of propulsion. Its goal: to provoke discussion about climate change and energy use; to enable learning through engineering & creation of a work of art.

The Titanoboa has slithered its way through numerous events and festivals. One can see it in action here or even hire it by contacting and witness the experience live.

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