Peddle powered vehicle that is the size of a car

The Black Ghost Electric Bike Car is a mobile, highly interactive art piece which tightens the loop of electricity production and consumption. The project is lead by Curtis Perrin and built by Spencer Treffry, Sam Carter, Grant Harris, and Melody Copeman in 2011.

Black Ghost is named after an Amazonian fish: the Black Ghost Knifefish, the most energy-efficient electric fish on the planet. It is a mobile art piece, a mode of transportation, and a platform generating and storing power.  It allows riders to travel great distances using pedal power and optional electric assistance from hub motors built into the rear wheels. Furthermore, the Bike Car doubles as a pedal-powered electricity generation and storage station. At events the bike car allows participants, spectators and entertainers to connect with one another using energy as a medium for interaction and excitement!

It is hard to fathom our modern world without a stable energy supply. With energy’s ease of use and availability, we often forget the cost our consumption has has on our environment. By putting electricity production at a human scale, our hope is that the Black Ghost will excite and inspire others to learn more about sustainable and clean energy.

Pedal Power Anything, Anywhere!


  • Mobile pedal-powered electricity generation and storage!
  • Built in sound, lighting and power monitoring elements to enhance crowd engagement!
  • 2 standard 120v outlets
  • 1500W of AC power
  • 48V LiFePO4 Battery Pack
  • Over 4kW-h of battery power
  • 3000W of electric assistance

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