Man riding 8-legged, metal walking vehicle also known as the Mondo Spider

The Mondo Spider is a rideable 8-legged, walking, electric powered vehicle. It was lead by Leigh Christie, Jonathan Tippett, Ryan Johnston, Sam Meyer and Charlie Brinson. The first rendition of the project was created in 2005 at Vancouver Junkyard Wars and was made of wood. The project was remade in steel in 2006, now weighing 1,600 lbs and was the size of a car. In 2009, the the project was commissioned by CODE Live to switch from fuel to electrical energy as part of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. This upgrade to battery power enabled the Mondo Spider to perform relatively silently indoors, and to boast the title of “world’s first zero-emission walking vehicle.”

The meanderings of the Mondo Spider, many venues over, have inspired awe and wonder. Its creation has challenged the dominant perception of locomotion, energy and power. See the project in action here.

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