Chrysafly: A large mechanical butterfly made of metal.

Chrysafly is a mechanical art piece that perpetually transforms from a chrysalis into a butterfly and back again. The wings are rimmed with LED’s and video’s are projection mapped onto them. This project was designed and built for Burn in the Forest 2019 (Vancouver’s regional Burning Man event) in line with the theme of Chrysalis. It subsequently went to Burning man, Sh’bang and Lumiere festivals. For lead artist Nico Woodward, Chrysafly began as a mental health project to get out of the dark places provoked by Vancouver winters. “Working on a project like this starts off with an idea, but then as more people get involved, it becomes more than the sum of it’s parts. Building connection and community.” This is a big reason why he chooses to build the projects he does; connection and community. The people who get involved become family.

“And then there is the butterfly, a most magical creature. The wings of the butterfly are already held inside the caterpillar, and as it breaks down its old self into goo the wings emerge ready to go. That process is amazing and teaches me that as we change and transform, we also have everything we need already right inside of us. So my organizing and healing work becomes about building the cocoon that can hold the goo so that the wings can emerge.” – Micah Hobbes Frazier.

Woodward’s build team includes Nathyn Sanche, Emma Gray, Michelle Khoo, Evan Pham and Tyler Keeling.

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