Daisy the Solar Powered tricycle carries a group of people through the desert

Daisy the Solar Powered Tricycle is an electric vehicle that was built in 2004 by inventor, fabricator, and Professor Bob Schneeveis. The project was designed to drive passengers around using exclusively solar power. At its maximum capacity, Daisy can carry four adults in its carriage plus a driver in the front. This 15ft tall art piece is the world’s largest solar powered tricycle.

In 2007 Daisy was acquired by one of eatART’s founders, Rob Cunningham and served as inspiration for the creation of the eatART foundation. Today, Daisy resides in Vancouver and is maintained by gBikes with support of eatART. As part of Daisy’s improvements, eatART collaborated with UBC Capstone Project in 2018 to improve Daisy’s drive train. Read the work they did here.

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