Four white stools with peddles on them

gSnails (2013)

gBikes was contacted by Vancouver’s Wilder Snail to create a unique addition to the cafe, culminating in gBikes’ first permanent installation. Dubbed the ‘gSnails’, this
row of four electricity-generating stools allow riders to independently power their own laptops, cell phone chargers, or any other electrical device. An integrated computer system provides real time data into how their pedalling efforts are affecting their own energy production and consumption.

Currently residing at a school in Surrey, BC since 2018.

Power: Avg. 100W / Peak 250W (Per Rider)

Previous events include: eatART Power’s the VAG events, East-Side Culture Crawl and
the eatART Transit Party where former Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson rode them.

Photo’s of deployments here.